We decided to take some of the advice from our awesome Swore Farms facebook fans and add green onions, spinach, and eggs. This is a picture of the before with the fresh ingredients.  
We washed, peeled and shredded the potato (though you really don't have to peel it first), diced the green onion, chopped the spinach, and then cracked 2 eggs into a bowl and mixed.

I was nervous about the egg making the mixture stick (and our waffle irons are finicky) so I sprayed extra no-stick spray onto the iron--top and bottom. 

It cooked up really nice and made enough for two large waffles. The outside was crisp and crunchy, but the inside was tasty and moist. No guilt for eating these yummy dishes. Healthy, tasty, and the kids liked it too!
To make these yummy crisp on the outside, moist on the inside hashbrowns, we simply shredded a raw potato, sprayed no-stick spray on the waffle iron, and then spread the potato on the iron. We let it cook through about 3 "beeps" that said the waffle was done. We let it keep cooking till it looked brown and yummy. To remove it from the iron, turn the whole thing upside down and let the hashbrown fall out. 

Serve with salsa or ketchup.