Swore Farms Pumpkin Patch
Pocatello, ID

What to expect:

Bring your whole family to search for that great pumpkin! We have pumpkin wagons ready for your convenience.  

After you pick your pumpkins out, you can weigh them and check out at the garage or the greenhouse during our open hours.

Swore Farms Pumpkin Patch Opens September 30th 2023! We planted 21,000 Pumpkin plants for you this year. Thousands of Pumpkins to choose from!


Tractor wagon rides run Mondays - Fridays 4:30pm-6:30 &

Saturdays 10am-dusk

(Tractor ride PRICES are on our Maze page.)

All other times we are "Soft" Open which means you can walk to the patch whenever you want, but no wagon ride unless you book it for a group.

Call 705-0991 with questions or to book your group.

Pumpkins are 40 cents per lb 

mini pumpkins are $2

Field trip size pumpkins are $3.

Specialty Pumpkins vary



Never pick a pumpkin up by the stem! They break off!

Common Question:

Do green pumpkins turn orange?

Answer: YES!

As long as the pumkin has started to turn orange, it will continue to orange-up if given a nice sunny location that is protected from extreme cold.

I saw this beauty growing in the North field. There are loads of huge pumpkins this year! Many varietys too--including my favorite, the Wolf pumpkin, known for its thick gnarly stem. THOUSANDS of pumpkins to choose from!