Swore Farms Corn Maze

Safe, Educational, Family Fun! Come play with us and make some memories here on the farm!


Come for Pumpkins, Corn Maze, Straw Maze, Food Trucks & more! 

Maze Open Hours: 

Mondays - Fridays: 4pm - 8pm* 

+ night walks available

Saturdays: 10am-8pm*

+ night walks available

*All other day times are "Soft" open for walk-ins which means you can do the maze and walk to the patch but there's no wagon rides or concessions*

For rates for Birthday Parties, youth groups, classes, and reunions, all other dates and times available by appointment for wagon rides and table areas. 

Call or text Wendy 


PUP OR TREAT! Halloween Day 10am-8pm, bring your canine companion for a day at the corn maze! (Costumes welcome for your furr babies especially.) We will have dog treats for all critters (canine or otherwise). 
Cost: $7 to enter the maze/play area for humans. Dogs/critters are free. 
#1 All animals MUST be on a leash.
#2 Bring Poop bags and clean up after your animal. 


Strollers & Wheelchairs: All terrain strollers/wheelchair can make it through the maze fine, but small wheeled strollers may struggle. Also, motorized wheelchair with fat tires navigate far better than fold up, traditional wheelchair. (The maze does have tight corners, so custom/extended & extra-long wheeled-items may have trouble)

Some of our fun attractions: Hay Wagon ride, Straw Maze, Straw Slides, Blonde Maze, Corn Maze, Wheat Pool,  Tire Mountain, Little Tikes toys/kitchens/houses.

Depending on weather, we may have pumpkins gathered near the maze so we can shelter them better. (We have to protect them from frost.)


Swore Farms, Pocatello Corn Maze
Swore Farms 2017 Corn Maze
Swore Farms, Pocatello Corn Maze
Swore Farms 2016 Corn Maze


MAZE/Play area: $7

Wagon ride only: $3


Haywagon Deal!: $8 (saves you $2 to do both)

Family Pass: $42

*Infants 1 & under are free.

**Veteran card holders are free. Bring your card! Thank you! 

**Child cancer survivors are free. 


Field Trip & Youth Group rates: 

(By Appointment on our Soft open times)

Daytime: Includes small pumpkin**, a wagon ride, AND a the maze/play area for $6

per child. 

Evening: Maze/play area entrance $5 per youth. 

* Teachers & Leaders are free

* Parents & Extra adults are $2.

**Small & Mini pumpkins available to field trip kids while supplies last. (Outside of field trips, mini pumpkins are $2 and small pumpkins are $3)

Night Walks available! See below.

   NIGHT WALK Through the Corn!

Ever wondered what the maze is like at night? Come find out! Bring your family for a stroll through the corn maze in the after Dark! Night walks are available to start until 8:30pm. (most finish around 9:30pm) Feel free to text Wendy to let her know you're coming. 208-705-0991

What to bring: Flashlights and warm clothes.

What to expect: It will take a little longer to find your way out in the dark, but just over an hour is average.

What NOT to expect: We are NOT a spook maze. We won't jump out at you or scare you. The night walks are just for fun.(Besides, walking through a corn maze in the dark is spooky all on it's own!) 

COST: $7 per person.

RULES: No Running, Stay on the Path, No unsupervised Children. (The maze was hard to make, we don't want it ruined)

Swore Farms Corn Maze
In 2022, a severe thunderstorm knocked down part of the maze, but with the help of our wonderful community, we used pallets & straw to make the maze as tricky as ever. We LOVE our community!
Corn Maze, Swore Farms
Swore Farms, Pocatello Corn Maze
Swore Farms 2019 Corn Maze


Local news station 3 did a story on our Corn Maze a few years ago. You can see it by clicking on the link above. It is bigger and better this year though!


(Also, we no longer include animals in the "open" maze days.)