First, take 4 russet potatoes, or 5-6 red potatoes depending on size, and cube them into big chunks.

* Then put potatoes on a hot griddle. We cook this after the bacon, so bacon grease already protects ours, but you may need oil or something to keep it from sticking.


+ Add 1.5 TBS of minced garlic, an pepper to taste.

* STIR FREQUENTLY! DOn't let them burn.


After the potatoes have cooked a bit, (Five minutes or so), sprinkle a few tablespoons of brown sugar over the top of the spuds.

Cover and let cook till the potatoes are cooked through. The sugar will carmelize around the potatoes, giving them a nice golden brown look. Be careful not to burn them. Stir when you think they are done.

Here' the half-eaten result on the table. I intended to take a picture of it all full and pretty, but the kids scarfed the food so fast, it was half gone before I even got my phone out to take a picture!..


As you can see, the kids wanted to use the potatoes in a fresh taco, so we had fresh spinach, diced tomatoes, bacon, and the sweet garlic potatoes--All on a flour tortilla.

Here's my taco. The kids added a little cheese, but I thought it was tasty as is. Next time I need bigger taco shells because this was a double hander to eat..... but oh so delicious! :)

HOPE YOU ENJOY it as much as we do!