#2 How much do farmers get for every loaf of bread sold? Less than 5 cents.

#4 Fresh apples float because they are 25% oxygen. Apples continue to “breath” fresh air long after they have been picked.

#6 One of the oldest cultivated fruits is the grape. In many parts of the world, apples were believed to be poisonous.

#8 Pumpkin flowers are a delicacy. Pumpkin flowers can be found in mixed salads, but are often served stuffed, battered and fried.

#10 Honey bees tap over two million flowers to make one pound of honey. Details on calculations can be found at http://www.honeycouncil.ca/chc_poundofhoney.php

#12 How many earthworms are in an acre of soil? One ton. With about 25 earthworms per square foot of soil, there are over 1 million earthworms per acre!

#14 How many squirts from an udder does it take to fill a gallon of milk? 350

#16 In one year a dairy cow produces 1,500 gallons of milk and 220 pounds of methane. 

#18 How many bees does it take to create on teaspoon of honey? 12. Calculation details can be found at http://www.honeycouncil.ca/chc_poundofhoney.php

#20 How long does it take to milk a cow? A machine can take as little as five minutes to milk a cow, while a human may take up to 15 minutes. 

#22 How much food does a subsistence farmer grow? Enough to feed their family.

#24 How many slices of pizza are eaten every second in the US? According to NAPO, 350 slices of pizza are being eaten every second.

#26 How many hens does it take to produce the 5.5 billion eggs sold in stores in the US every year. 240 million

#28 An ear of corn can have up to 1,200 kernels. The average is 800, but the range is 500-1,200 kernels per ear.

#30 In China they eat more of this grain than any other. We often associate rice with China. This is only valid for southern China where they eat quite a bit of rice and some wheat. Northern China consumes mostly wheat, making wheat the most consumed grain in China.

#31.5 If you lined up all of the pasta eaten in the US last year using 16 oz pasta packages, they would circle the earth 9 times!

#32 Which plant is a member of the lily family? Asparagus

#34 Onions contain natural antibiotics. Yellow and red onions contain quercetin, sulfuric compounds, and other antioxidants. Sweeter onions have more carbohydrates and do not contain the same potency of antibiotics and antioxidants.

#36 Which of the following is a member of the sunflower? Lettuce

#38 One cow will make 15 cow pies a day and 720 hamburgers once it’s slaughtered.

#40 How fast can bees fly? 15 miles per hour

#42 Pigs can’t sweat, but they can and do cry.

#44 Brown eggs are healthier for you than white eggs. False. The color does not determine the nutritional value.

#46 Contour farming allows farmers to save water by planting crops across slopes of land. Ornamental gardens and farms often use the shape of the land to make beautiful, natural pictures that can be seen from airplanes.

#48 One bushel of corn can sweeten more than 400 cans of pop or produce 1.5 pounds of corn oil.

#50 How much water can a cow drink in a day? 1 bathtub full. That is at least 50 gallons!

#50.5 Dark green lettuce is more nutritious than lighter lettuce. Dark green lettuce has more antioxidants and nutrients than light-colored lettuce.

#56 Which oil is the most widely used edible oil in the United States?  Of edible oils, soy makes up 61% of the market. Canola is the second most popular with 11% of the market. Soy is used in almost all margarine and shortening. It is also used in mayonnaise, salad dressings, frozen foods, imitation dairy and meat products as well as commercially baked goods. Check out more at http://www.soyconnection.com/soybean_oil/soybean_oil_overview.php

#58 During World War II a shortage of baking flour forced bread makers to substitute 25% of wheat flour with ground popcorn. Over the years, popcorn has been used as an ingredient in pudding, candy, soup, salad and enrees.

#60 The average American eats how many slices of pizza a year? 46

#62 The average American eats about 30 pounds of lettuce every year.

#64 Which is the most popular pepper in the US? Bell

#66 The average American eats only 3 hamburgers a week but eats 68 quarts of popcorn a year. 

#68 Egg yolks are one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D. Bananas are a great source of Potassium

#70 The Greek word for pumpkin, pépōn, means large melon

#72 World-wide there are more than 7,000 varieties of apples and 4,000 varieties of potatoes.